Our client

Atkins is one the world’s most respected engineering company and employs 18,500 people worldwide.


Our relationship with Atkins goes back to 2012, when we began work on an Employee Value Proposition.



Established in 1938, and with 300 offices across 29 countries,

Atkins is one of the world's leading design, engineering and

project management consultancies.



Engineering is a highly competitive sector, with a strong

demand for talent and a need for long term client

engagements in order to ensure sustainability and success.

Our relationship with Atkins began in 2012, when we

were engaged to work with them on an Employee Value

Proposition to improve recruitment and retention of talent.

It became clear that the company needed to go further and

build a brand that would resonate with employees, clients

and prospective clients and other external stakeholders.

With its rich history, our aim was to be true to its past while

enabling the company to confidently step into the future,

supported by a strong sense of purpose. A crowded sector

meant we needed to identify an authentic difference and

individual tone of voice to allow the company to stand out and

better engage with its audiences.

Our consulting work culminated in

the articulation of a purpose, followed by bringing that purpose to life, that changed the engineering conversation.

The team at Appetite

have done an incredible

job, helping us to define

and express a strong

sense of purpose as we

mark the beginning of a

new phase for Atkins."

Karen Howell,

Group  Head of Brand, Atkins


Our approach was to involve the organisation and key stakeholders in the process of defining and articulating a reason for being, a purpose. After an extensive intelligence gathering phase, including hundreds of interviews, we developed a purpose with four themes at its core:


- Transformation

- For people, by people

- Small steps, giant leaps

- Partnership


This acted as the beginning of a new brand and story from which all strategic communications would flow.


Throughout the process we engaged with internal and external stakeholders to secure support for the project and also to ensure an authentic and organic evolution of the brand as they helped to shape its form. We worked with individual business units to help to formulate the individual marketing propositions by region and develop the collateral We created a range of content including new visual identity, brand guidelines, brand film, corporate and marketing collateral, environmental design and web design. Our creative approach placed the purpose at its core and brought it to life both visually and verbally. We developed eight characteristics from the purpose such as ‘human and inclusive’ and ‘bright and elemental’, which could be used in different combinations to inform the development of colour, form, graphics, typography, imagery, etc.




















Since the brand was launched in 2015 the purpose has

provoked a dramatic evolution in the way the brand is seen,

recognised and used. We have shifted the conversations from

what Atkins does as a professional service provider to a more

long-term vision of how and why, consequently increasing the

value in stakeholder relationships. Commercially, Atkins, has

consistently bucked the global infrastructure slump following

the rebrand to outperform competitors in their sector.


Behind the scenes

Atkins team at Appetite

Laura Haynes, Nicolas Mamier, Jason Butler,

Tom Adams, Stuart Serjent, Iain Budgen, Alvaro Torrents,

Eleanor Davidson

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