Digital Appetite

In an era of digital disruption and technological distraction, we work to avoid romancing technology and instead leverage the latest digital technologies, becoming tech-enabled to help clients create meaningful, lasting and human connections between their organisations, their people and their external stakeholders.


Focusing on a better purpose, it is a human-first approach, meaning that our ‘appetite’ for all things digital is human-led and utilises the best methods and tools to ensure that purpose is not only understood, but also incorporated into an organisations processes and policies and infused into its culture.


Digital leadership

Digital manifesto

Through our work helping organisations achieve their better purpose, we combine the best of what makes us human with the power, reach and speed of new digital technologies, fostering engagement and bringing strategies and brands to life in the real and digital worlds.


Our competencies include:

We use the latest software inspired by social sciences to enable synchronistic and dynamic purpose-led conversations. This extends our meaningful conversations and gives us better insights to communicate, engage, embed and evolve.

Collaborative Content Creation

New contextual desk research tools help us build better receivers for the signals and trends at the heart of your world. We also use these tools to ‘peer around the corners’ and examine the edges and adjacencies as we seek to understand the earliest sources of change, disruption and opportunity.

Semantic Research

In a social world, collaboration around idea and content creation lets your people participate and contribute as ideas emerge and begin the process of co-creating and embedding a new purpose.


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