We brought the firm together around

a shared sense of purpose, placing

the brand at the heart of Kingsley Napley's  new strategy.

Our client

Kingsley Napley is a mid-size, multi-practice firm of solicitors based in London. Its wide range of expertise provides support for its clients in all areas of their business and private life.



Differentiation in the legal sector is notoriously difficult, and the top legal firms are famously conservative when it comes to their brands.


Kingsley Napley has a well-earned reputation in the industry amongst “those that need to know”, particularly in the Criminal litigation arena but it needed to tell its story to a wider audience, and identify how its brand should stand out from other high-quality firms of solicitors. As a multi-practice firm, it needed to find the common thread that connected all of its practice areas, from Criminal to Family, Immigration to Clinical Negligence.


The firm needed to reassess its brand to see what made it special in a crowded market place, what was really valued by clients, and what their vision for success should be. It also needed to establish the importance of brand within the firm, moving past brand as colours and logos to understanding the brand as an operating principle that should influence decision making across the organisation.




From the outset, we worked closely with a cross-functional strategy team. We stressed the need to really understand the current perception of the brand, both inside and outside the organisation, before looking forward to identifying the brand that Kingsley Napley wanted to be in the future.


Our recommended approach was to:

  • conduct a full brand strategic and competitive review, including review of business strategy, interviewing internal and external stakeholders, including clients of the firm
  • re-establish the firm’s commercial positioning
  • create a brand platform with a new purpose at its core, a new vision, updated values and supporting personality traits
  • apply these concepts to different business functions, beginning with commercial propositions for the whole firm and individual practice areas
  • update the visual and verbal identity

























We quickly realised that Kingsley Napley was something special within the sector, both as a firm and individuals, which we wanted to capture. We created a new brand platform with a purpose at its core, which was supported by updated values and new personality traits that emphasised what might seen conflicting aspects of discretion and competitiveness, being natural yet rigorous, creative and reassuring, which captured the range and special nature of

Kingsley Napley.


The brand strategy was enthusiastically received internally, firstly through a series of workshops that explored what it meant to be a “KNer” and then with launch materials including an interactive “story behind the brand”. However, a successful strategy is useless if it’s not used, and we quickly moved on to apply the new strategy to different areas, developing firm-wide commercial messaging pillars and specific commercial propositions for different practice areas and campaigns.


Simultaneously, the visual and verbal identity of the firm was developed to better reflect the brand’s new sense of purpose and its expanded personality. Whilst this was an evolution rather than a “rebrand”, holding on to its heritage, we placed a core creative idea at the centre of its expression – The KN line. This led to a refreshed identity with clear stand out and story-telling quality and met our brief to develop a ‘modern classic’.

I have never worked with an agency so keen to scratch beneath the surface and create such an impact with people at all levels in all departments in a firm.

The project ran so deeply it was about understanding how and why we do things and ensuring that was remembered in

the work we do with our

own clients.”


Alison Burdick

Marketing Director

Kingsley Napley


The result is a brand, and a firm, with a real sense of purpose at its core. It feels relevant and distinct from its peers while remaining authentic to its employees, peers and clients. It also pays homage to its history but looks forward, not back.


We continue to work with Kingsley Napley in a number of areas of brand expression and application, including marketing strategy and other communications activity and materials.

Behind the scenes

Kingsley Napley team at Appetite

Nicolas Mamier, Jason Butler, Phil Dobinson, Tom Adams,

Eleanor Davidson, Stephanie Down, Alvaro Torrents, Iain Budgen.

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