Our work on Project Laser Beam is a prime example of the consulting and creative

work and communications in which

we invest passion and creativity in

equal measure.

Our client

“Unilever believes that as a business we have a responsibility to our consumers and to the communities in which we have a presence.”  At Appetite, we embrace these sentiments so when our client called and asked how we felt about helping to eradicate child malnutrition, well…we quickly agreed to help.



Project Laser Beam (PLB) was a five year, multi-million dollar public-private partnership that aimed to create a scalable, replicable and sustainable model to significantly reduce child under-nutrition.   Appetite worked with the corporate team at Unilever and liaised with their key NGO partner – the World Food Programme on the launch of a customer initiative in 2010 in order to raise the awareness for this cause and recruit support/fund raise





Our task was to translate a worthwhile cause and complex

program of non-governmental interventions - across health, food and economic support – into an engaging initiative brand that

would capture the imagination of Unilever employees, of their customers (e.g. key European retailers) and of their customers’ shoppers of course.



We invested passion and creativity in equal measure. Working closely with the Unilever corporate communication leadership

team and its partners on the strategic platform of this initiative,

we developed the concept of ‘All for One’. This was easy to translate, was well understood across the main European languages and offered a platform to tell the story of the children whose lives can

be transformed by all of us, shoppers and consumers.



Over the five years of its implementation, Project Laser Beam not only attained multiple successes but uncovered critical learnings that can help accelerate progress in tackling undernutrition using a multi-sectorial approach. Project Laser Beam implemented 18 interventions, with 2.48 million people participating in the different programmes in Bangladesh and 424,000 in Indonesia. A total of nearly 3 million lives touched and often changed.


All for One team at Appetite

Laura Haynes, Nicolas Mamier, Jason Butler

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