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Empowering progress

UN Women is the only global agency dedicated to gender equality. In the UK,

the National Committee works with government, business, and the public to accelerate empowerment, education

and the end of violence against women

and girls, here and around the world.


Awareness of UN Women and its HeforShe initiative is high on a global scale. Audiences are less clear about its role in the UK,

which has created a barrier to participation. UN Women National Committee UK works with a wide range of audiences with varying needs, making clarity of offer, consistency of approach and relevance of message essential for the brand and communications.


The organisation needed tools to support communications,

with a visual identity that is consistent with the global entity, but

with expressions and applications that would create engagement.


With plans to increase its presence and launch a large-scale campaign in 2017 in the UK, it was essential to review the

UN Women National Committee UK brand.






Unique proposition

Our strategy was to develop a clear brand proposition and

identity that defines and reflects UN Women in the UK.


Built on strengths

An identity that is recognisable, as it takes its cues from the UN Women logo – with its undeniable authority and clarity – but is infused with the character of the brand in the UK.


Universal symbols

As many of the concepts are complex, we decided that we

needed to transcend language and use symbols as simple expressions of complex ideas with a new graphical approach

that creates a rich and compelling  brand story.


The process was participative, with facilitated workshops

made up of Trustees and other stakeholders to develop a

shared understanding of UN Women NCUK now, and

in the future.


The proposition addresses the organisation’s people and

its impact. This is supported by a messaging toolkit, with

value statements and communication themes, developed

and tailored to key audiences.


The result is authentic to the global brand, yet contemporary

in order to serve the needs in the UK. Over time, audiences will begin to recognise the symbols and their meaning, which will

in turn reinforce the organisation’s purpose.


The brand is being rolled out across the country, and used

in all communications and campaigns. The website is currently

in development and will help to build momentum and recognition.


The brand signifies a clear direction for the organisation as it

enters a fresh phase.

The team at Appetite did a fabulous job! They really took

the time to get to know us, resulting in work that not only feels right, but excites

and inspires."


Sarah Dembitz

Executive Director, UN Women NC UK

UN Women NC UK makes a real difference. To get involved and

find out how you can help click here.


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